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How to resolve after sales queries

This document is designed to help you understand the warranty and after sales process. It includes information relating to the vehicle legal warranty, handling of queries and problems following the delivery, or any other issues that may arise with your LHD Car.
Q: Does my car have any warranty?

A: Yes, the warranty lasts 6 months.

Q: What is covered under the 6 months warranty?

A: The warranty for second hand vehicles covers many items. Details can be found on this PDF document

click here

Q: Can the warranty be extended?

A: Yes please contact your sales person prior to delivery to have the warranty extended. We will give you a quote specific to your make and model.

Q: For how long would this extended warranty last?

A: The warranty can be purchased for up to 24 months. We would provide you with a third party guarantee, either with a French or British company.

Q: What happens if my issue is not covered by the warranty?

Or the problem arises after the warranty?

A: You need to contact the sales person you have been dealing with and inform them of the issue to see if we can find a solution.

Q: What if the car was delivered with a windscreen chip or bodywork damage?

A: We will make sure no bodywork issues exist prior the delivery as most of the cars are checked after collection from the supplier. If the car was damaged during the delivery, which hardly ever happens, it will be covered under transport insurance. The same rules would apply for a windscreen problem, although the majority insurance policies cover damages to windscreen.

Q: What happens if I dont like my car after the cooling-off period ?

A: No problem! We can take the car back on a part exchange basis and deliver a car matching your requirements. If you realize some spec is missing dont worry, we can provide you with alternative solutions from bluetooth to leather fitting!

Q: What if I am not happy with the solutions offered in any of the queries raised?

A: This is dependant on several factors. We would never leave a problem undealt with. Please stay courteous and patient as it may sometimes take a while to provide with the correct answer to your problem.

Q: What are my rights if I still dont think my case was dealt with properly?


Our company works hard on finding the correct solution to any query. But if you are not happy with how we have dealt with the query, please let us know. Taking further steps can seem costful and unnecessary, it always comes down to lack of communication. There is always a solution to a given problem!

Q: How do I contact you for my after sales queries?

A: Please send your question by email, using the link below

Also allow 72 working hours for us to come back to you.

For any further queries that are not answered in this document, please view the terms and conditions section on our website or email

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