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Our Experience

The ITALIAN second-hand car market is relatively cheap.
Taxing bigger cars turns out to be extortionate there, some expensive models can be purchased for a fairly good price.
However trying to buy locally, can be difficult due to the language barrier. In our experience, dealing with Italian suppliers can in some cases, turn out to be a bit tricky.
Our local agents however, speak native ITALIAN, and cannot be misled.
Therefore we recommend that you use our supplying dealer network to source the correct car whether in ITALY, GERMANY or FRANCE. When purchasing a car through our sales and registration scheme you will also be covered by UK distant sales regulations.

Why choose MY LHD CAR ITALY?

The procedure is not very complex, but the language barrier could make things difficult and time-consuming. This is why we highly recommend importing an ITALIAN or UK registered Left Hand Drive Car that we would supply to you. To find out more about our UK registration process, please visit this page HERE.

We also encourage our customers to fully utilize our services to import or buy a car in Italy for our stress free sales scheme, which includes free registration and insurance assistance. Finally, we also organize delivery to your home address in Italy.
If we do not have the convenient LHD Car in stock, you may file an enquiry through on our website. We have access to thousands of LHD Cars on the continent, so click and submit your enquiry.

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Registering a car in ITALY from an EU country


First cancel the car's registration with the traffic control authority in its home country. A cancellation certificate and technical specifications form for the vehicle will be issued.
The car may then be driven to Italy on a provisional number plate issued by the traffic control authority.
To register an imported used car, it must first pass a test to ensure it conforms to Italian technical norms. A certificate of conformity will be awarded to vehicles passing this test. For information concerning type-approval, contact the regional traffic control authority (Ufficio Provinciali della Motorizzazione Civile).

When registering the vehicle, the following documents should be taken:
The vehicle must be registered in the same name as the original registration documents. To register a vehicle in Bulgaria go to the local Road Traffic Office with the following documents.
Cancellation certificate
Technical specifications form
Registration Request (domanda di immatricolazione) Form TT2119
Original and photocopy of the vehicle registration document and certified translation in Italian; a Certificate of Permanent Export may sometimes suffice
Original and photocopy of roadworthiness test certificate signed and stamped by the manufacturer or a reputable dealer, with a certified translation into Italian
Technical specifications form signed and stamped by the manufacturer or a reputable dealer (Note: Italians returning to Italy from outside the EU are exempt from producing a technical sheet)
It may be necessary to obtain technical specifications information from the vehicle manufacturer. This can cost several hundred Euros to obtain.
According to EU legislation, technically it is not necessary for a used vehicle from another EU country to undergo a roadworthiness test (collaudo), as demanded by Article 75 of the Highway Code, if the validity of the final technical inspection carried out abroad can be deduced from the original document.
There is a fee for issuing a number plate.

New vehicles imported from EU countries are subject to VAT (IVA) at a rate of 20 percent. To be considered new, the vehicle must either:
Have less than 6,000 Km on the odometer or
Have been purchased within six months of registration
Vehicles with over 6,000 Km on the odometer or which were purchased over six months prior to registration are considered used. For used vehicles, or those registered in a foreign country for more than six months, there is no liability for payment of duty or VAT (IVA).

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