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NO IMPORT DUTY ON OUR CARS , direct transfers in your name.

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Your Drivers : Joaquin and Wlad

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Our Experience

As in many other south European countries, the second-hand car market in SPAIN, is rather expensive and smaller than in the UK.

We can help you find the ideal car for Spain, in three different ways.

1.We can source a Spanish registered car and transfer ownership into your name, all fees included in the price... one car, one price.
2.We can source a non Spanish car if we cannot locate one matching your specific requirements or budget. You wouldn't have to worry the registration, as our local gestors would do it for you!
3.If you dont have an NIE or PADRON,we can source a vehicle for you, and register it in the U.K or France. Under current EU regulations, if the car is registered in your name and used in Spain for over six months, the import tax calculated on CO2 emissions would not be applicable: the car wouldn't be considered as a direct import, but as part of your belongings. This solution is a cost effective way of importing your next Left Hand Drive Car.

We aim to provide you with a quality car and a smooth stress free purchase experience. We have an established and very reliable dealer network, competent agents will help you find your car.
We have sold hundreds of cars in SPAIN, and have organised deliveries to all the SPANISH provinces, for a small extra fee.
Currently, we have three transport companies working for us, delivering LHD cars every week. When purchasing a car through our sales and registration scheme, you will also be covered by UK distant sales regulations.

Why choose MY LHD CAR SPAIN?

The Spanish registration procedure is quite technical. This is why we highly recommend importing a SPANISH or UK registered Left Hand Drive Car that we would supply to you before-hand. Low emissions is key if you are planning to import (under 120g/km for petrol or diesel, or hybrid/electric) .
To find out more about our UK registration scheme, please visit this page HERE.

We also advise avoiding buying a Spanish vehicle already in the UK, without having checked if the car is finance free, if any other taxes, ITV, or VAT are outstanding.
It could sometimes be more cost effective to import a non-Spanish car. The Spanish import tax has been replaced by a CO2 "pollution tax", which is not as extortionate for low emission vehicles.
We have two agents to assist in the registration process, included in the price quoted.
Amanda is in charge of the Alicante, Murcia and Albacete area. Holmes will help with registration assistance in Malage, Granada and Marbella. But they are able to register anywhere in Spain.

We encourage all our customers to use our import or Purchase scheme for SPAIN. Our stress free services, also includes free registration and insurance assistance when buying your car from our company. And if we do not have the LHD Car that you require, you may file an enquiry on our website, we will find your ideal Spanish or import car, as we have access to thousands of LHD Cars on the continent. Note that if the car is an import it makes no difference, the car would have Spanish plates in 48 hours following payment of the deposit. Click HERE, and submit your enquiry.

Several options and payment procedures are available

1. You purchase a Spanish car via our services, UK regulations are applicable and card payments are accepted. The service includes transfer of ownership in Spain, a UK invoice and delivery in Spain or to the UK (for an extra small fee). The price includes a British and Spanish warranty.

2. You purchase via our Spanish or foreign supplying dealer, we make sure the paperwork is in order, handle transfer of ownership and delivery. A Spanish warranty is included.

3. You choose to purchase via a Lawyer in which case you release funds to the lawyer, he pays the dealer and checks paperwork and contract. We handle the transfer of ownership and delivery.

Bringing Your Vehicle to Spain

Non-resident EU citizens
Non Spanish citizens, non Spanish residents may drive their foreign-registered vehicles in Spain for 6 months in a calendar year, as long as it has a valid MOT or technical control in its country of origin. In which case,the legal owner of the vehicle may drive it.

A foreign-registered vehicle may stay in Spain for more than 6 months a year as long as it is not driven there. Even though EU citizen are no longer required to get a residency card, after 6 months the car must be registered in Spain or garaged.
NB: the six month period does not need to be consecutive and is counted over the time of a calendar year only. This period is based on the owner and not the vehicle's presence in the country.

The procedure of importing and registering a foreign vehicle is complex and lengthy. It is possible to complete the process yourself but it is better to use a company which is specialized this service.

In order to register the vehicle in Spain, it must pass a safety inspection similar to the UK's MOT testing. Import taxes and IVA may be payable on the imported vehicles.

Non-residents/ non-EU citizens
A vehicle owned by a non-EU citizen may stay in Spain as long as it is only used for up to six months a year and stays legal in the country of registration. Once it that has been used for six months it should theoritically be officially sealed (precintado) by Spanish authorities (aduana) or the Guardia Civil (Police). However not commonly undertaken, it can be used as proof that the vehicle wasn't used illegally.

Importing EU Vehicles into Spain
New car: If importing a new car, 16 percent VAT (IVA) must be paid at any bank that works with the Tax Department. The application Form 565 from the Spanish Customs needs to be completed and the application fee paid.

Used car: Imported vehicles that we owned for more than 180 days prior to the owner becoming resident in Spain will not be subject to import tax nor duty, providing VAT was paid in the country in which the vehicle was purchased.

The registration tax (impuesto sobre determinados medios de transporte) is due on all vehicles, it has to be paid in the local tax office (Agencia Tributaria). This is a tax based on engine capacity and it applies to both diesel and petrol engines:
0 percent tax for vehicles with emissions of less than 120 grams of CO2 per Kilometre
4.75 percent tax for vehicles with emissions from 120 to 160 grams of CO2 per Kilometre
9.75 percent tax for vehicles with emissions from 160 to 200 grams of CO2 per Kilometre
14.75 percent tax for vehicles with emissions of more than 200 grams of CO2 per Kilometre
12 percent tax for vehicles which are not rated for CO2 emissions

Registration price example here for a 2010 Berlingo HDI
Spanish Book value 11200.00€

1- 4.75% CO2 tax 526.40€
2- Registration costs* 910.00€
Total 1436.40€

*import certificate,road tax 2013,traffic tax,government stamps,colegio de gestores,number plates and fee.

Registering vehicles from another EU country

In order to register a vehicle in Spain, the NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero) is needed.

The following documents must be submitted at the local Traffic Department along with the application:

An application form available from the local Traffic Department or ONLINE
Proof of address such as a lease or deed (original and photocopy)
Vehicle purchase receipt (original and photocopy)
Receipt of payment of local car tax (impuesto municipal sobre vehiculos de traccion mecanica/IVTM) from the local town hall or Traffic Department
Receipt of payment of registration tax (impuesto especial sobre determinados medios de transporte), original and photocopy
Registration document (Permiso de Circulacion y Permiso Para Conduccion)
Proof that VAT (IVA) has been paid in the country of purchase (original and photocopy)
Personal identification (residence card or passport; original and photocopies suggested)
Technical Test Certificate Card (Tarjeta de Inspeccion Tecnica) obtainable from an ITV station (original and photocopy)
Certificate of Conformity (Certificado de Conformidad) from the vehicle manufacturer or a certified representative (original and photocopy). There are two types of Certificate of Conformity:
EC Certificate, which is good throughout the EU, or
National Certificate, generally issued for modified vehicles, busses, trailers other other large vehicles. Is only valid in the country in which it was issued.
If applicable, declaration of ownership of other Spanish-registered vehicles
If applicable, declaration of possession of a Spanish driving licence
If the vehicle is from the Netherlands, Form RDW 323 (available from the local Traffic Department)

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