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Purchase French and imported cars without incurring import duties.

Your Registration admin : Sofiane and Mariam

Your Drivers : Franck, Ferdinand

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Looking for a Left-Hand Drive Car in France?

My LHD Car France makes it simple!

We're the leading UK specialist for French LHD cars and registration. Enjoy:

  • No import duty on French or imported cars we sell.

  • Stress-free registration: We handle everything online with the SIV and ANTS system.

  • Experienced team: Bilingual experts in Paris and Bordeaux, helping over 1,000 satisfied customers.

  • Wide selection: We find your perfect LHD car, French-registered or imported.

  • Unique services:

    • French warranties (6-24 months): Drive with peace of mind.

    • European temporary insurance: Get on the road instantly.

    • Temporary French registration (up to 8 months): Gain flexibility before permanent registration.

    • UK and French legal options: Choose your preferred sales regulations.

Why Choose My LHD Car France?

  • Save time and hassle: We handle everything from purchase to registration, making it a breeze.

  • Free registration and insurance assistance: When you buy a car from us, we take care of the paperwork.

  • Free UK/France delivery: Conveniently collect your car from one of our branches.

  • Thousands of LHD cars available: Don't see what you like? Let us find it for you.

Get started today!

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  • Download our FAQ pdf for quick answers.

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My LHD Car France: Your stress-free path to a French LHD car.

Importing and Registering Your LHD Car in France

Simple steps, stress-free experience. Whether you bought your car from us or not, we can help!

French-Registered LHD Cars:

  1. Gather documents:

    • Passport copy

    • French utility bill in your name

    • Your drivers license  (both sides)

    • Eventually visa or permit (not always required by the administration)

    • Copy of certificat d'immatriculation (registration document French or foreign)

    • Controle technique (French MOT, if applicable for cars over 4 years, )

  2. Fill out forms: Use our guides for proper completion:

    • Demande d'immatriculation : (download)

    • Certificat de cession (signed by both parties): (download)

EU-Imported LHD Cars:

Same documents as above, plus:

  • COC (certificate of conformity) - provided by us if purchased through My LHD Car

  • Quitus fiscal - obtainable from your local tax office (no VAT for private purchases)

Importing a car to France? Know the "Malus."

This CO2 emission tax affects registration costs. Calculate yours here: https://www.service-public.fr/simulateur/calcul/cout-certificat-immatriculation#main and learn more: https://my-lhd.weebly.com/blog/importing-a-used-car-to-france-prepare-for-the-malus-ecologique. Be informed for a smooth import.

Use code with caution. Learn more

Why Choose My LHD Car?

  • Simplified online processing through SIV.

  • No need to visit any administrative offices.

  • Direct access to ANTS servers for faster registration.

  • Experienced team guiding you every step of the way.

Ready to enjoy your LHD car in France?

Click here to enquire about our services:

Apply for HPI and registration quotes here.

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