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This document is designed to help you understand the UK registration and order process we operate. It includes information relating to the Order Procedure, Payment Procedure, Delivery and Registration of your Left Hand Drive car IN THE UK.

Q: I have decided on the LHD car I want and wish to order, what do I need to do?

A: You need to contact the sales person you have been dealing with and inform them of your decision. The sales person will issue a Sales Agreement and ask for you to pay your holding deposit.

Q: Once I have signed and returned my Sales Agreement and paid my

Deposit, what happens next?

A: The car will be reserved for you and arrangements will be put into place to meet your requirements which will be discussed at the point of sale. As an internet based company most of our correspondence is done by e-mail. We send all updates and information via email unless it is of an urgent nature, at which time we will telephone you.

Q:How do I pay my final balance?

A: We will send you a reminder and bank account details once we know when your car will be ready for collection from the supplier.

Q: What happens after I make the final payment?

A: We will normally email you to confirm receipt of your payment and will transfer your funds to our supplier the same day we receive them. We allow 3 working days for the funds to clear in our suppliers account. Once the supplier has the cleared funds they will contact us with a collection date.

Q: How long does the transportation take?

A: This is dependant on several factors, including the transport company scheduling, driver availability and shipping times. As a rough guide it can be anything from 3 to 14 days. We will of course contact you the moment we have more accurate information.

Q: Will the car come with any plates?

A: It is possible that your vehicle may have foreign tourist plates upon arrival, however in most instances your vehicle will not be plated upon arrival in the UK. Your vehicle therefore must be stored off-road until the registration formalities have been completed.

Q: What documentation do you require in order to register my vehicle in the UK?

A: The documentation required to register a left hand drive vehicle in the UK is as follows: (N.B. Photocopies and fax copies are NOT acceptable).

From the supplier:

Certificate of Conformity (COC)

Original Foreign Registration Document

From the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency):

Mutual Recognition Certificate (can only be obtained by providing COC and Original

Foreign Registration Document)

From HMRC:

Custom clearance which we will do for you.

From you:

1) Copy of identification

2a) Copy of utility bill (also foreign utility if the car is being used abroad).

Q: How soon will you be able to register my car?

A: The documents that we require from the supplier (COC and Original Foreign Registration Document) invariably arrive after your vehicle has arrived in the UK.

Any left hand drive vehicle, new or otherwise, needs approval by VCA, regardless of any Type Approval Certificate/Certificate of Conformity it may have with it. Once we receive the COC and Original Foreign Registration Document for your vehicle, they are sent to the VCA. The VCA will issue a Mutual Recognition Certificate and upon receipt of this and all of your documentation, as detailed above, the relevant forms (V55/5 and VAT 414) will be completed by us and sent, along with all of the documentation listed above, to the local DVLA office for registration.

As you can tell, the registration process for a LHD vehicle can be lengthy. We therefore advise you that you may not be able to drive your vehicle as soon as it arrives in the UK. Please bear this in mind! The whole process can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete.

Q: Do I need to get plates made up?

A: This is dependent upon whether you have agreed in your contract that you wish for us to register the vehicle. It may be supplied on export plates (temporary registration). If you are having UK registration the plates will be provided by us as soon as we know the UK registration number of your vehicle, i.e., once the vehicle has been registered by the local DVLA office.

For any further queries that are not answered in this document, please make and enquiry HERE. For other useful information, click on the links below.

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