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Struggling to sell your left-hand drive car in the UK?

We can help! Our hassle-free services cater to your needs, whether you prefer complete hands-off selling or a more involved approach.

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Enjoy complete peace of mind while we handle everything from showcasing your car to finding the perfect buyer.

  • Effortless Exposure: Reach a wider audience through our network.
  • Convenient Collection: We'll collect your car from anywhere in Europe.
  • Complete Peace of Mind: Your car is fully insured and stored securely.
  • Transparent Communication: Stay informed every step of the way.

Advertise Your Car with Us

Manage the sale yourself while benefiting from our extensive network and marketing expertise.

  • Premium Listing: Enhance visibility and attract more buyers.
  • Professional Photography: Showcase your car's best features.
  • Targeted Advertising: Reach your ideal buyers.
  • Lead Generation: We connect you with interested buyers.

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1. The terms and conditions set out below shall be the only terms and conditions upon which MY LHD CAR ('The Company') shall act and the customer specified overleaf ('The Seller') shall appoint the Company to act as the Seller's agent in respect of the sale of the car or commercial vehicle of whatever make and model as described overleaf ('The Vehicle').

1.1 The Seller appoints the company as its duty authorised agent to sell the vehicle on the terms as set out overleaf and otherwise on such terms as to price or otherwise as the Company shall deem appropriate. The Seller shall execute (the relevant vehicle registration form) and any other document necessary to transfer the Vehicle pursuant to any sale made by the Company.

2.Any instructions given by the Buyer to the Company in respect of the sale of the Vehicle or otherwise shall be sent by registration post to the Company's administration office and to no other place.

2.1 The Company may act in accordance with and rely upon any instruction or notification given by telephone but shall not be bound by any instruction or notification which is sent or confirmed otherwise than by post as foresaid. Any communications sent by the Company by post shall be deemed to have been received 48hours after the same has been sent.

3. The Company does not give any warranty nor make any representation that any price at which the Vehicle is offered or sold represents the best price obtainable for the Vehicle.

4. The Seller acknowledges that the value of motor vehicles is wholly dependent on factors beyond the control of the Company (including availability of similar vehicles, their popularity and the number of willing purchasers). It shall be the responsibility of the Seller to satisfy himself that the price at which the Vehicle is offered/sold is acceptable to the Seller.

5. The Seller acknowledges that the Company would sell the Vehicle in the Company's own name as undisclosed agent and accordingly that any warranty condition or representation which is contained in the Company's Terms and Conditions or implied by law would apply to the sale of the vehicle.

6. The Seller warrants to the Company that the Vehicle is of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and free from mechanical defects save for those which are reasonably apparent on inspection. The Seller shall indemnify the Company against any claims demands liabilities costs and expenses arising out of the sale of the Vehicle including (without limitation) any claims made under any warranty condition or representation given by the Company or implied by law in respect of the Vehicle.

6.1 The remuneration of the Company in respect of the Appointment shall be as set out overleaf or failing that shall be equal to 10% of the sale price of the Vehicle and shall be payable immediately upon any sale of the Vehicle whilst the Appointment continues, regardless of whether such sale is effected by the Company and regardless of whether the purchaser was introduced or procured by the Company.

7. The Seller acknowledges that the Company may pass on information provided by the Seller to potential interested parties and accordingly warrants that such information is true and accurate in all respects.

The Seller shall at all times during the Appointment:

8.1 Act towards the Company in good faith;

8.2 Not appoint any other commercial agent to sell the Vehicle;

8.3 supply to the Company any information which may come into the possession of the Seller which may assist the Company to effect a sale of the Vehicle;

8.4 Promptly and efficiently deal with any enquiry relating to the Vehicle raised by the company or any potential purchaser of the Vehicle.

9. The Appointment may be terminated by either party giving to the other not less than 14 days written notice to that effect.

Upon termination of the Appointment, the Seller shall remove the Vehicle within 3 days (if held at the Company's premises) at the Seller's expense.

10. No variations of the appointment shall be effective unless made in writing signed on behalf of the Company and the Seller. This document sets out the whole of the contract and the Seller may not rely on any oral advice or representations.

11. The appointment shall be subject to English law and the parties submit the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


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