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Our Experience

The second-hand car market in SWITZERLAND is a fairly expensive depending on makes and models.
The widest offer is found in the GENEVA and ZURICH area where French or German is spoken, language barrier can be tricky.
Due to the fact that SWITZERLAND also does not belong to the EU, you need to keep in mind that VAT and custom duties are due if you are not importing your personal car.
We have a strong experience in importing and registering cars in SWITZERLAND, our multilingual staff will gladly assist you.
By purchasing a car through our sales and registration scheme you will be covered by UK distant sales regulations.

Why choose MY LHD CAR?

The registration procedure is not very complex, but the process and language barrier can be time-consuming. This is why we highly recommend to import or buy a SWISS Left Hand Drive Car that we would provide to you. Want a UK registered car? To find out more about our sales and registration scheme, please visit this page HERE.

We also encourage our customers to fully utilize our services to import or buy a Left Hand Drive car in SWITZERLAND for our stress free sales and registration scheme. Which includes free insurance assistance when purchasing your car from us. We deliver to SWITZERLAND for a small fee. But if we do not have the LHD Car that you require in stock, no problem, we have access to thousands of LHD Cars on the continent. Click and submit your enquiry.

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Swiss customs officials must be informed as soon as a vehicle being imported arrives in the country. Customs will provide a form to be completed and shown along with the following documents:
Driver's licence
Proof of identity
Invoice/receipt of purchase of the car
Proof of vehicle's origin
Tax and import duty will be charged; the amount due will depend on how long the owner has had the car.

Customs will inform the Road Traffic Office (Service des Automobiles et de la Navigation), who will send the forms required to apply for Swiss licence plates.

Tax and Import Duty

No import duty will be charged on a vehicle owned for more than six months. A clearance request form (available from customs) must be completed.
A vehicle may be driven with its foreign licence plate for one year.
Cars and motorcycles imported from Europe may be brought in tax-free provided proof of origin can be presented.
The following taxes are due on an imported car owned for less than six months:
Customs duties: rate based on the weight and the engine capacity of the vehicle Consumption tax: amounting to 4% of the car's worth
VAT (value added tax)
Fee: for the report (a document that is required in order to register the vehicle in Switzerland). Exemptions from import duty and VAT
Importing a car due to marriage
Importing a car for succession purposes
Import for foreign diplomats

Registering an Imported Vehicle
Approximately a month after importing a vehicle, the motor registration office will write, informing the owner that they have up to a year in which the vehicle must pass the official technical inspection (Controle technique du vehicule).

Documents required for the technical inspection:
Proof of car insurance
Customs form (13.20)
Original registration card or certificate (log book)
Emissions test certificate (test anti pollution)
Technical information concerning the vehicle; maximum speed, weight, engine size, brake horsepower and Swiss fiscal rating (CV) Both the Automobile Club of Switzerland and the Touring Club of Switzerland are able to carry out a technical inspection which will highlight any necessary modifications that need to be made in order for a vehicle to pass the official technical test.

A foreign car must have the CH sticker on the back. All cars must have a triangular warning sign in the car.

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