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Our Experience

The NORWEGIAN second-hand car market is an expensive and closed one.
As the country does not belong to the EU, a very high taxation is applied to imported vehicle, if its not a preowned vehicle (see below for conditions).
The same vehicle within our stock list, could be advertised for over three times the price in NORWAY.

Therefore, it seems sensible to import a UK registered car, either to keep or to register there.
We have mainly delivered vehicles to STAVANGER port, where our customers arrange to collect their vehicle. When purchasing a car through our sales and registration scheme, you will be covered by UK distant sales regulations.

Why choose MY LHD NORWAY?

The registration procedure is complex, this is why we highly recommend importing a UK registered Left Hand Drive Car that we would sell to you. To find out more about our sales and registration scheme, please visit this page click HERE.

We also encourage our customers to fully utilize our services to import a Left Hand Drive car into NORWAY for our delivery service to STAVANGAR, which is only charged 950 GBP. And our stress free sales scheme, includes registration and insurance assistance. If we do not have the LHD Car that you require on our website, you may file an enquiry, and we will find your ideal Left Hand Drive vehicle for you. We have access to thousands of vehicles on the continent, so click on the link and submit your enquiry.

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First time registration of a used, imported vehicle

source mynorge.no

The following is a checklist for persons who are bringing a vehicle to Norway for first-time registration. The rules do not apply if you have a temporary residence permit and can drive without paying tax in Norway.

First-time registration step by step

Step 1: Customs clearance

Foreign vehicles to be registered in Norway must be customs cleared immediately after arrival. Contact your local customs office for further information.
Call 03012 for information about your local customs office.

Step 2: Approval

Prior to the registration of your motor vehicle in Norway, it must be approved by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. To obtain approval, you must provide documentation of a completed periodic roadworthiness test. Alternatively, you can provide documentation proving that the vehicle meets the technical requirements for motor vehicles in Norway.

NOTE! When a vehicle has been registered in another country, all parts of foreign vehicle registration certificates must be submitted.

Contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on tel. 06650 to book an appointment for the approval of your vehicle.

For further information about the technical requirements for your vehicle, contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration:

  • Southern Region tel.: 815 48 000
  • Western Region tel.: 815 44 010
  • Central Region tel.: 815 44 040
  • Eastern Region tel.: 815 22 000 
  • Northern Region tel.: 06640  

Step 3: One off motor vehicle tax

Before your car can be registered in Norway, you must pay a one-off motor vehicle tax to the Norwegian Customs Service (certain groups of vehicles are exempt from this duty).  

Step 4: Registration

Before you can use your vehicle, it must be registered at one of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration Traffic Services Offices.

When registering your vehicle, the following documents must be presented to the Traffic Services Office:

  1. Form no NA-0221 (Report form for the calculation of tax and registration). This form must be stamped by the Norwegian Customs Service or a certified forwarding agent, and signed by the owner of the vehicle or a person with valid authorisation.
  2. Valid identification. The identification must include your name, a Norwegian personal identity number or a D-number and a photograph.
  3. A declaration from a Norwegian insurance company confirming that motor vehicle liability insurance has been taken out. This insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners in Norway. The insurance covers every type of damage or injury the car can inflict on other people or objects.

With certain exceptions, trailers must also be registered in the same way as motor vehicles.

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