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Our Experience

It is a difficult task to purchase a car in BULGARIA. The car market limited, and relatively more expensive compared to the majority of European countries.
The language barrier is another element to consider when planning to buy your LHD Car locally.
Finding a second-hand BULGARIAN registered car in the UK, is even more difficult and tricky. Although this is not impossible, as we are regularly offered LHD vehicles imported to the UK by former British residents.

We have sold dozens of cars to BULGARIA, and deal with a local Bulgarian transport company in SOFIA that can arrange delivery anywhere in the country.
When purchasing a car from us, thanks to our sales and registration scheme, you may avoid paying high import taxes.

Why choose MY LHD CAR?

The registration procedure is quite complex, this is why we highly recommend importing a UK registered Left Hand Drive Car that we could supply to you. To find out more about our UK sales and registration scheme, please visit this page HERE.

We also encourage all our customers to use MY LHD CAR to import a Left Hand Drive car in Bulgaria because of our stress free sales scheme, including free registration and insurance assistance . If we do not have the convenient Left Hand Drive Car in stock, you may file an enquiry on our website, we will find your ideal Bulgarian or UK registered vehicle. We have access to thousands of LHD Cars on the continent, so just click and submit your enquiry.

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Importing a Foreign Vehicle to BULGARIA
Source: Angloinfo

Foreigners moving to Bulgaria with a new or used foreign registered car should go to the local Road Traffic Office to begin the registration process. Once a foreigner becomes resident in Bulgaria, they should register their vehicle on Bulgarian registration plates.
EU/EEA citizens do not need to pay import duty on a used car that they have owned for over six months and driven 6,000 Km prior to entry in Bulgaria. Owners of cars brought from outside the EU/EEA will need to pay import duty on the vehicle.
Documents Required to Register a Private Vehicle in Bulgaria
The vehicle must be registered in the same name as the original registration documents. To register a vehicle in Bulgaria go to the local Road Traffic Office with the following documents.
Proof of identity
Original receipt/bill of sale
Proof of residency or employment contract
A valid roadworthiness certificate
Vehicle registration documents
Receipts proving that Bulgarian vehicle tax has been paid. The amount paid depends on the age and model of the car
Proof of minimum third party insurance
Proof of payment of customs duty for non EU/EEA vehicles

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